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September 03, 2013
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Upon hearing that you need a root canal, you may experience fear and root canals danbury ctstress.  To some people, just the thought of a root canal can send shivers soaring up their arms because many people associate root canal therapy with extreme pain.  However, the idea that root canal therapy is extremely painful is very misleading.  With advancements in dentistry at your Danbury dentist, you no longer need to worry about root canal therapy.  This procedure is recommended when a tooth is severely infected, causing you extreme pain.  The purpose of root canal therapy is to relieve your pain, not to add to it. Drs. Tseng, Bonacorsi and Silver will ensure your comfort if root canal therapy is needed at Danbury Dental Group.
Unsure of what a root canal actually entails? Let us clear the air. Located in the center of every tooth is the pulp, which provides nutrients to the nerves of each tooth. When a tooth is infected, it can spread to the pulp. If the pulp dies, you are at risk of losing the tooth. This means the pulp will need removed in order to save your tooth. And that’s where root canal therapy comes in. Root canal therapy involves the dentist making a small hole in the tooth to remove the infection, along with the infected nerves and blood vessels located inside the tooth roots. The inside of the roots are then cleaned and shaped, and a tooth-filling material is placed to block infection from the tooth.
You may need root canal treatment when your tooth is infected or if there is damage to the pulp that can’t be fixed.  An untreated cavity is one of the main causes of a pulp infection.  Decay erodes the enamel and dentin of the tooth until it reaches a root canal, which allows bacteria to infect the pulp.  The inflammation that is caused by the infection reduces the blood supply to the tooth, which keeps the pulp from healing.
Whether an untreated cavity or a trauma has infected your tooth, you’ll want to visit your Danbury dentist right away at Danbury Dental Group.  When a tooth is severely decayed, root canal therapy is usually the best option for saving the tooth.  Talk with your dentist in Danbury CT about any fears or doubts you have about the procedure. Dr. Tesng, Dr. Bonacorsi, and Dr. Silver are always available to answer any questions and address your concerns. Please feel free to email the office at [email protected] or call us today at (203) 792-3316.


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