CEREC Same-Day Crowns

In the past getting a crown meant several visits to the dentist’s office, but with the technology of the CEREC machine things have changed! Now, our patients are able to walk in our office and within a couple short hours, leave with a beautiful complete custom crown.

A 3-D camera is used to capture an image of the tooth, which is then uploaded onto the computer software. The software enables the dentist to create the restoration right before your eyes. Once the restoration design is completed, the information is transmitted digitally to the milling unit which actually generates the crown. The crown is sculpted in a matter of minutes, after which your doctor will examine it, ensure the shade of the crown matches your natural tooth color, and then is able to bond the crown into place.

Other than bypassing the need for multiple trips to the dentist, electing to receive a CEREC crown also eliminates the need for a temporary crown. The technology is great for patients with anxiety about dental procedures since the whole process is completed at once. The crowns are made from a high quality ceramic material that is long-lasting and highly durable.

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