Wave One Root Canal System

Upon hearing that you need a root canal, your initial reaction is likely fear and stress.  To some people, just the thought of a root canal can send shivers soaring up their spine because many people associate root canal therapy with extreme pain.  However, the idea that root canal therapy is extremely painful is very misleading.  With recent advancements in dentistry, you no longer need to worry about root canal therapy.  At Danbury Dental Group we use the top of the line Wave One root canal system to not only cut down the amount of time required to complete a root canal by up to 40%, but to also ensure that the process is as comfortable for you as possible. The purpose of root canal therapy is to relieve your pain, not to add to it. With the Wave One system, a single file is used to complete the entire procedure as compared to the more traditional systems which use two to three files. 

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